TMG was founded by the best technical marketing engineers in the business, direct from the heart of Silicon Valley. Deeply rooted in the business, the founder is a legacy to the computer industry. The founder has more than twenty years of experience in the computer industry and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and a Masters in Business Administration.


The father of the founder sits on the board of directors and is an early pioneer in the computer industry, having obtained a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degrees in Electrical Engineering.  He held several positions with companies such as IBM, Control Data, NCR and several other smaller companies and startup ventures.  For the majority of his career he held positions in management of product development, manufacturing, and corporate management finishing his career as a CEO.


In the late 50's, he developed an optimized search algorithm for data storage technology using matrix algebra to express migration of storage patterns.  At the time, the computer used to perform this work occupied an entire room in the basement of the EE Dept at the university, as computers ran on vacuum tubes, and the silicon chip microprocessor had yet to be developed.


The founder has held many positions in the computer industry including software programming, technical support, field and corporate system engineering, technical and product marketing, product management and sales. He has worked for companies such as Celerity Computing, Emulex, Pinnacle Storage, Sync Research, Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks and other smaller startup ventures. In recent years he has been a strong contributor to the challenging yet highly coveted field of technical marketing.


He has done early work with NAC, authored patent applications, submitted several patent designs and received an innovation award while at Extreme Networks. His highest value and contribution to the organizations he works with is his ability to quickly dig up the facts on the competitive landscape and immediately focus on and discover new areas of intellectual property for product growth, patent, and investment.


Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, TMG is in the business of delivering fast, focused and high quality technical marketing data to help clients make key strategic decisions that will take them to high ground in the marketplace. TMG is the worlds first and only Technical Marketing firm to fill the void with the industry’s best and original talent. TMG offers a high level of practical hands-on experience, know-how, contacts and believes in confidentiality and trust. TMG operates with a high degree of professionalism and is a low risk method to develop knowledge and arm your troops for battle.



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